Welcome to the website of New Story Leadership. We cordially invite you to explore and learn more about our organization. Our features include our Wall of Stories and our Words of Peace which outline the amazing stories of our students. Our seventh year has just concluded, please click the link below to meet the class of 2016.

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Change the Story

In the past seven years, the NSL students have shared many stories of hope, peace and transformation. Hear their stories as part of our Wall of Stories features which accounts how they came to NSL and the story they told the powerbrokers of Washington, D.C. To view these amazing videos, simply click the link below.

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Change the World

One of the most important aspects of our fellows' summer in Washington, D.C. is the opportunity to speak to the leaders in the American capital. From Congress to the World Bank, our students get the chance to share their stories at keynote events addressing members of Congress, religious leaders, and members of the business community. To learn more about just some of those they meet, click our American supporters page below.

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Change the Story, Change the World!

New Story Leadership Inc. (NSL) is an American based 501(c)3 charity registered in the State of Maryland (EIN # 27-1076407). Founded in 2009, NSL selects young emerging Israeli and Palestinian leaders and trains them into a team ready to help build a better future for their two communities. Ten students, five from Israel and five from Palestine, come to Washington DC every summer for an intensive program of workshops, conferences, seminars, professional work exposure, cultural immersion and team training. Their learning is focused on acquiring a 21st century skill-set: to discover the power of stories, to find their voice, to become agents of change and social entrepreneurs. In the course of the program, each student has a chance to tell his or her story before important Washington audiences and to build a more educated awareness of the core issues among American decision makers. They also develop specific  Projects for Change that they implement before and after they return home. In this way, NSL gives students a chance to apply what they learn and builds the momentum for change on the ground.

Daily headlines about Israel and Palestine tell of conflict, controversy and stalled peace initiatives. There is a feeling of exhaustion and a growing sense of futility. Peace seems all but impossible. Yet the search for an answer can and must continue. As former U.S. Special Envoy George Mitchell said, “If humans have caused the conflict, then humans can surely solve it. But after so many years of effort by so many people in the Middle East, is there really anything new that can be said or done?” NSL claims that there is. Our answer is contained in our name, new leaders inspired by a new story. New Story Leadership introduces a radically different approach to peace-building, one that does not pretend to solve the historical controversies or mediate between antagonists. What has to change first is the story that no change is possible. The best way to do that is to take one summer and have young people prove it by living it.


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The evening will feature two keynote speakers and four speeches of reflection with light refreshments to follow.

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Contact Us: Address: 272 Carroll Street NW, Washington, DC 20012. Phone: 240-476-1123. Email: info@newstoryleadership.org