Welcome to the website of New Story Leadership. We cordially invite you to explore and learn more about our organization. Our features include our Wall of Stories and our Words of Witness which outline the amazing stories of our Fellows. Our eighth year has just concluded, please click the link below to meet the class of 2017.

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Change the Story

In the past eight years, the NSL students have shared many stories of hope, change and transformation. Hear their stories as part of our Wall of Stories features which accounts how they came to NSL and the story they told the power brokers of Washington, D.C. To view these amazing videos, simply click the link below.

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Change the World

One of the most important aspects of our Fellows' summer in Washington, D.C. is the opportunity to speak to the leaders in the American capital. From Congress to the World Bank, our students get the chance to share their stories at keynote events addressing members of Congress, religious leaders, and members of the business community. To learn more about just some of those they meet, click our American supporters page below.

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NSL’s mission is to equip a new generation of Palestinian and Israeli leaders with the tools to become more effective agents of change through activism at home and narrative advocacy in Washington DC.  By changing the old story of futility, NSL Fellows create new stories of possibility for the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

New Story Leadership Inc. (NSL) is an American based 501(c)3 registered in the State of Maryland (EIN # 27-1076407) was founded in 2009.

When combatants decide to share a personal story, one that comes out of the authority of their own experience, not parotting some tribal or religious orthodoxy, they begin to dismantle the wall of separation. They turn a wall into a window.  Brick by brick, story by story, light comes through.  Underneath all the disagreements and bitterness, a shared human story  gradually emerges. Because the stories of war and propaganda work by  stripping the “other” of their humanity, sharing a story from the heart  becomes a profound act of resistance. NSL creates a Listening culture where stories are treated as gifts,  and where through a narrative way,  people can reclaim the capacity that war has stolen from them, the power to give people their humanity back.

Please click on each photo below to hear more from our students.

karma daniel hug nsl 2014 ritz carlton maisam 2013 sais


guy 2013 eu parliamentnoa shapira congressional forum 2012


goni zilberman 2011 congressional forumliel maghen, congressional forum 2010




Application 2018 steps

HERE ARE THE  STEPS OF OUR APPLICATION PROCESS 1-Be sure you are ELIGIBLE 2-Be sure you are SUITABLE 3-Be sure you understand the PROGRAM If you have read through the profile and decided you are ELIGIBLE Read the requirements of we look for in Candidates and decide you are a SUITABLE Read about the PROGRAM and are drawn to it, now you can start the Application process proper. …

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Barry Leopold

NSL’s newest Board member, Barry Leopold (along with his wife and son) became a host family for the first time …

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Application instructions

NSL Application Instructions 2016

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The first act of activism is stop contributing to the problem

to make things  worse or to feed the status qow, we are complicit .a good story.

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BE WARNED- NSL will stretch you into uncomfortable places

NSL is what it is, but even more, it is what you make it. We can talk till we are …

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Who We Are

NSL is a multifaceted organization that relies heavily on a network of dedicated individuals. Most of these individuals are volunteers, …

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