Meet our NSL Regional Coordinators

NSL is excited to introduce our new regional coordinators. They will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing NSL support to our selected Projects for Change and formalizing our alumni network.


Abeer shehadeh

Abeer Shehadeh is a Palestinian, born and raised in Kufer Yasif, a small Arab town in the north of Israel. She holds a bachelor's degree in English literature, political science and philosophy and a master's degree in diplomacy studies and international relations, both from Haifa University. In addition to her new role as NSL Regional Coordinator, Abeer currently works as a project manager and copywriter for a software company in Haifa. The Arab Israeli conflict has always played a crucial role in her life. Therefore, she decided to focus on leadership as her way to create positive change in the region. 




Daniel Torban is 27 years old and lives in Tel Aviv. He was raised in a small Brazilian Jewish community and was an active member of the progressive Jewish Youth Movement Habonim Dror. Daniel decided to fulfill his dream and immigrate to Israel. He holds an MA in Diplomacy at the University of Haifa. Daniel believes that diplomacy is an important tool to build bridges between nations and contribute to a better future. In addition to his new role as NSL Regional Coordinator, Daniel works to predict political and economic events in an Israeli high tech company, while remaining committed to help address the region’s challenges.