Alumni Board of Directors


Liel Maghen

Liel Maghen, NSL 2010, is the co-director of IPCRI. He holds an M.A degree in International Development and a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Working both in top-down and bottom-up initiatives, his experience includes interning for the Israeli Knesset and the United States Congress together with managing programs for leading organizations such as Seeds of Peace, Givat Haviva, MEJDI Tours, and AIES.


Hamze Awawde

Hamze Awawde, NSL 2014, specializes in people to people (p2p) peace programs in Israel and Palestine. He has several years of experience in leading various p2p projects in Israel and Palestine. Hamze also helped coordinate the first NSL Alumni Summit. Hamze holds a Master degree in Community Development from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Previously, he studied Business Administration and Economics at Birzeit University. Hamze co-founded the YaLa Young Leaders movement, an Israeli-Palestinian youth movement dedicated to promoting peaceful solutions to the Israeli Palestinian conflict through youth empowerment and education.


Abeer Shehadeh

Abeer Shehadeh, NSL 2015, is a Palestinian born and raised in Kufer Yasif, a small Arab town in the north of Israel. She holds a bachelor's degree in English literature, political science and philosophy and an M.A. in Diplomacy Studies and International Relations, both from Haifa University. In addition to her new role as NSL Regional Coordinator, Abeer currently works as a project manager and copywriter for a software company in Haifa. The Arab Israeli conflict has always played a crucial role in her life. Therefore, she decided to focus on leadership as her way to create positive change in the region.


Gal Raij

Gal Raij, NSL 2013, is from Hadera, Israel. He holds a B.A. in Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy and specialized in communication and counter-terrorism at IDC Herzliya University. Gal was on the management team for NSL and helped coordinate the first Alumni Summit. Gal is a parliamentary advisor to MK Hilik Bar, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and a former Secretary General of the Israeli Labour party. Gal has been a political activist in a number of organizations including Windows for Peace, OneVoice, and the V15 campaign during the 2015 national elections. Today Gal is the International Secretary of the Young Labor Party in Israel.


Goni Zilberman

Goni Zilberman, NSL 2011, was born and raised in Kibbutz Yagur. She is a Graduate of the Directors program at Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, Jerusalem, and the Hadar institute program for Jewish studies. Goni is a leader of various change-making initiatives in Israel and Palestine, including EcoME- an Israeli-Palestinian community living for the past 8 years in the desert of the occupied West Bank, and Mideast Nonviolent Communication international annual training. She is currently working on her first feature documentary “Beyond the Land” following Ecome community, alongside leading and building a Non-violent Communication annual seminar involving 50 young adults from both Palestine and Israel. Before she began her career in film-making, Goni worked as a journalist for 3 years, was an intern at Just Vision (Washington, DC), and worked in the field of mental health.


Daniel Torban

Daniel Torban, NSL 2017, lives in Tel Aviv. He was raised in a small Brazilian Jewish community and was a member of the progressive Jewish youth movement, Habonim Dror. Daniel decided to fulfill his dream and immigrate to Israel. He holds an MA in Diplomacy from the University of Haifa. Daniel believes that diplomacy is an important tool to build bridges between nations and contribute to a better future. In addition to his new role as NSL Regional Coordinator, Daniel works to predict political and economic events in an Israeli high tech company, while remaining committed to helping address the region’s challenges.


Aia Khalaili

Aia Khalaili, NSL 2017, is a Palestinian citizen of Israel. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in International Development at Hebrew University. She is currently interning in Ecuador. Aia worked with an initiative called Madrasa, a project that introduces Hebrew-speaking Israelis to the spoken Arabic language through a series of interactive videos that are accompanied by additional online learning materials. She is currently interning in Ecuador with an organization called HIAS working on integrating the Arab community in Ecuador. She most recently helped launch an initiative called Laila, which introduces Arab culture in Quito, Ecuador through Arab cuisine. Aia has been an activist with Creativity for Peace for the past 8 years and continues to work with them today on promoting peace in the region.


Sapir Ifergen

Sapir Ifergen, NSL 2017, was born in Beer Sheva, Israel. After graduating high school, she volunteered for one year with youth at risk. Sapir has also participated in several Israeli delegations; to Montreal, Germany, Uruguay, and Taiwan. She graduated with honors while earning a B.A. B.A in Economics and Political Science at Ben Gurion University. She also holds a Masters in Economics in the Honors program. She also holds a Masters in Economics from the Honors program. During her studies, she worked as a Teaching Assistant for first-year university students and as group leader of Rothschild Ambassadors Fund.

Sapir has been working at Israel’s Ministry of Finance for the last three years. In her first year, Sapir was part of the department of Government Companies Authority, which supervises all of the different companies who belong to the government. Since August 2018, she has been working at the Budget Department which administers the public expenditure of Israel.


Mohammad Al-Hroub

Mohammad Al-Hroub, NSL 2015, was born and raised in Bethlehem city. He earned his undergraduate degree in Geography and Urban Studies, with a minor in Earth and Environmental Science from Al-Quds University Jerusalem. He is passionate about water issues, environmental peacebuilding, and social impact. Previously, he worked for EcoPeace Middle East. Afterward, Mohammad joined the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, where he did an internship at the Center in the Center for Transboundary Water Management (CTWM). He worked on a cooperative sustainable agricultural development project between Palestinian-Israeli communities to improve income inflow and economy. He also participated in a track II project for building long-term, cross-border environmental agreements among Palestine, Jordan, and Israel to foster environmental sustainability in the region. Currently, he is pursuing his Master’s degree in Sustainability Studies at Trent University in Canada.