The summer program consists of four main elements:

  • The Narrative Method

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Strategic Briefings

  • Work Placements

The Narrative Method

NSL’s theory of change is based upon our belief that conflict is built out of stories. These stories divide, demonize and dictate that there can be no compromise with the other side. And just like conflict, NSL believes peace is built out of stories. Stories of honesty, humility, and humanity. The NSL program strives to change the stories that create the conflict by creating alternative stories that will ultimately create a just peace.


Speaking Engagements

NSL delegates take the stage at speaking engagements on Capitol Hill and across Washington DC. Through the witness of their personal stories, delegates challenge their audiences to reassess their understanding of the Palestinian Israeli Conflict.

Audiences have included:

  • US Senators & Representatives and their staff

  • Numerous faith-based  communities

  • High School and University Students


Strategic Briefings

NSL Delegates take the responsibility to brief members of Congress and other decision makers about critical issues and to provide advice on ways to make more effective policies. These meetings include, the United States Institute of Peace, J Street, AIPAC, UNDP, the Swedish Embassy, and various US Congressmen and Senators — including Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Tim Kaine, and Rep. Joe Kennedy. Delegates share their real world, on the ground experiences to policy makers and influencers in Washington.



NSL delegates participate in work-placements, primarily on Capitol Hill. Congressional offices that have served as work placements for our delegates include, Sen Chris Van Hollen, Rep. Jared Polis, Rep. Joe Crowley, Rep. Peter King and more. Delegates walk the halls of Congress, working to increase the knowledge of representatives and senators about the realities of life in Israel and Palestine. Delegates work to ensure that decisions made in Washington, DC more accurately reflect realities on the ground in the Middle East.