Meet Team X


Eran Nissan

Eran Nissan, (Israeli) lives in Jaffa. Eran holds a bachelor degree in Political science & Philosophy and currently works for Peace Now as their special projects manager. Eran previously ran the Advocacy and Education department at Peace Now. At Peace Now, Eran headed the creation of Hazon Vison Center, where he recruited and trained young Israelis to act as agents for change in the Israeli society. The Center’s alumni deliver lectures and perform advocacy activities with various population segments, with an emphasis on pre-military youth groups. Young Israelis being influenced by young Israelis serves as a one of a kind generational call to action on a nationwide scale. Eran's Project for Change is called 'Foresight'. It will send a group of young Israeli and Palestinian political activists who have leadership skills and political aspirations to Cape Town, South-Africa, for a two-week quest starting January 2020. The objective is for them to learn and work together to create and plan the political and social infrastructure needed for the day after a two-state resolution of the conflict is achieved.


Hiba Yazbek

Hiba Yazbek is a 21 year old Palestinian citizen of Israel, who was born in Nazareth and grew up in several countries in the Middle East. Hiba is in her last semester of her BA degree at Tel Aviv University, double majoring in English Literature and Communications. As an aspiring journalist, she is currently interning at Haaretz Newspaper and is a board member of her university's Model United Nations society. Last summer during her participation in the Middle East Partnership Initiative hosted by Georgetown University, Hiba developed Jusoor, a project that aims to empower Arab students studying in Israeli Universities and minimize the gap between them and their Jewish classmates. Hiba's Project for Change focuses on increasing Palestinian voices in global media and supplying Palestinian journalists with training and internship opportunities.


Lana Shaheen

Lana is from Gaza City. She holds a BA degree in English Literature from Al-Azhar University in Gaza. She also holds two Diplomas from Indiana University in Business Administration, Leadership and Innovation. Lana is currently pursuing her Master’s in Journalism at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. As an artist, she exhibited her work in many galleries showcasing her artwork in the USA, Canada, Palestine, Australia, Belgium and London. Additionally, Lana held her own exhibition “Faceless Humanity” in Gaza in 2017. Lana is currently training at Al-Jazeera Newsroom as a Journalist. Lana's Project for Change is to open an art hub for Palestinian artists.


Gilad Sevitt

Gilad Sevitt, a social entrepreneur from Jerusalem, is the founder and professional director of Madrasa – an organization that offers a unique free platform in Hebrew for learning spoken Arabic, used by tens of thousands of people. Madrasa aims to better the communication between Israelis and Palestinians and to create a society in Israel that can communicate also in Arabic. After spending a few years as an environmental activist, in the age of 23 he started giving free Arabic lessons at home. While realizing that this could be exposed to so much more people, he established Madrasa with a group of friends. Since then he is the teacher in the online lessons, writing the curriculum and works together with the CEO on building well established strategy and fulfilling the vision of Madrasa. Gilad holds a B.A in Sociology, Anthropology, Arabic and Buddhism, plays music, has a huge interest in social change, and participates in programs promoting dialog and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.


Mohammed Arafat

Mohammad Arafat is from Gaza and currently lives in Antofagasta, Chile. Mohammad holds a Bachelor's degree in English, and two diplomas in Leadership and Citizen Journalism. He previously worked as an English English teacher, journalist, writer and translator. Mohammad established the Picture Institute for Creativity of Youths (PICY). He was a member of We are Not Numbers and has had his work published on their site, as well as being a published poet. His Project for Change connects Palestinians living in diaspora to those living in Palestine through poetry. Mohammad launched his project in Chile, where he has been hosting events to connect the half million Palestinian Chileans with the current realities in Palestine.


Thawra Abukhdier

Thawra is a Palestinian American from Jerusalem. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications And Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies both from Hebrew University. Thawra has previously worked on a documentary with CNN about the different Israeli and Palestinian realities. She has also worked as a Field Manager for The Minerva Center For Human Rights. Thawra created and managed the "Humans of Jerusalem" facebook page for four years. She photographed and conducted interviews with people all around Jerusalem and published them in both English and Arabic. Her Project for Change "Edureach" provides SAT coaching sessions for under-privledged Palestinians who want to pursue studies in the USA.


Dana Amir

Dana, is from Gan-Ner, Israel, but in the past five years, Dana has been traveling and studying around the world. Dana is currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Economics, and hopes to focus on Behavioral Economics  and Public Policy after graduation. Dana previously worked in Project Management, Alternative Education systems, Marketing analysis, and the Israeli startup scene. Dana was a part of an endeavor to build a community center in Ta'oz, a rural town in Israel. The center maintained its activity ever since (it's been 10 years!).  Her Project for Change is an educational experience in which international students will learn to recognize and mitigate cognitive and emotional biases that appear in complex and difficult political discussions. She wants to apply what she learns to fostering more productive discussion in Israel and Palestine.

Mohammad Ahmad

Mohammad is from Qalqylya, Palestine. He holds a Bachelor's degree in English Teaching Methodologies and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in the same field. Mohammad works as an English Teacher and tutor. He created the first English Summer Camp and English Club "English for a better Future" in his village. He is an alum of Encompass: Journey of Understanding program in Cyprus. His Project for Change uses fine arts to teach the English language for underprivileged students in order to tackle the lack of confidence in speaking English in his village.