What is the Story I want to Tell?

What is the Story I want to Tell?

What story it is I want to tell?

Since I arrived I’m thinking what stories do I have that are interesting? What stories do I want to tell that the people around me would understand who I am? What I’m here for? And what kind of change I would want?

In the past week we had our first discussion about the conflict.

We had a panel where a question was asked and each one of the six panel members had to answer. The questions dealt with core issues such as borders, settlements and views on terror. The answers were constructed with personal stories about terrifying events. Of course, this was very interesting for the audience and for us to just hear each other and the different experiences people in the group had had.

I could not stop thinking that while our personal stories attract the audience and it is always more interesting to hear about the horrors, it keeps us in a mindset centered in the past. Although we can’t forget where we came from, I’m worried that if we keep digging our history, we will not be able to concentrate on the future.

So our stories is who we are, and how did we get to this point, but let us make sure we are keeping the fine balance between our stories from the past and the story we imagine for our future (and how can we promote it) .

At least, I want to try…

by Yarden Karni

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