Professional Work Exposure

Whilst in Washington DC, one of the important components of the NSL program is the professional work exposure. For three days a week, (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)  the students are placed at some of the most important institutions in Washington and given a professional mentor. Ideally students are paired, one Israeli and one Palestinian. Here the students learn about how power works at the seat of Government, and how others are leading change through policy, or advocacy or research. They also organize seminars for their work place so that staff have a chance to learn more about the Middle East and NSL.  With our partners in Congress, we arrange our students to shadow members such as Rep Keith Ellison or Rep Van Hollen, or attend a Committee Hearing, or  spend a day in a local NBC TV studio learning about the power of media.  We  like to mix things up, so that we have an Israeli student working at the American Task Force on Palestine and a Palestinian working at Americans for Peace Now. We  have an Israel-Palestinian pair working for a popular Middle East journal writing articles that are published.

Over 15 years of building leadership programs in Washington DC, whether it be students from Ireland, South Africa, or the Middle East, we know first hand the exceptional opportunities here for young people to learn first hand about the professional world. We have been able to place students in the White House, and with Senators Obama, Kennedy, Snow,  Clinton,  McCain and Kerry, or Representatives Crowley, King, Kennedy, Holmes Norton, etc. We put students with the IMF and prestigious Think Tanks, or leading media outlets such as   CBS and C-Span.

Below are listed  the range of different professional opportunities we have offered to  our students. And the list will continue to grow.

The World Bank (2010,2011,2012)
Congressman Dingell (2011)
Congressman Donald Payne, Sr. (D-NJ) (2010-2011)
Congressman Polis (D-CO) (2011,2012, 2013)
Congressman Berman (D-CA)
JustVision (2011,2012)
Law Library of Congress (2012)
Americans for Peace Now (2010, 2011,2012, 2013)
Al Jazeera (2012)
The Maryland Re-Elect Obama campaign (2012)
Palestine Note (2010)
American Task Force on Palestine (2010, 2011,2012, 2013)
Allaince for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP)  (2010, 2011)
The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (2010, 2011,2013)
Academy for Educational Development (2010)
Environmental Protection Agency (2010)
Bethlehem University Office DC (2010)

If you know of a good work placement, or have contacts that might open up an opportunity for an NSL participant, please contact our work placement coordinator Joyce Schwartz at


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