Why Young Adults?

While many international peace programs target teens and children. NSL focuses exclusively on young adults. And for a very compelling reason.  This is the developmental stage of life where young people are most open to new experiences, to another culture and world view and are vulnerable to changing their minds. Their primary questions are

  • Identity  “Who am I?”
  • Affiliation  “Who are my Tribe?”
  • Career “What is my contribution in the world?  “
  • World View – What is my philosophy of life?”

    NSL directors’ experience over many years with young adults from Ireland, South Africa and America suggests that this age group of 18-27 can be successfully challenged to step out of their comfort zones in pursuit of new experiences and opportunities. This is backed up by the latest studies about the life cycle and what is being called the “Defining Decade”, between 20 and 30 where young adults have to risk, stretch, explore and experience enough challenge to grow the resilience they will need for later life

This is the generation that has emerged in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Egypt to engage with the established authorities to demand reform. This is the generation whose facility with the new media makes them a powerful force for good. They represent the voice of the future in a way that teenagers or the middle aged may not. These young people become the natural carriers of a new story because it is their future that the new story is mostly about.


“Change the World? Change the Story!”

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