Team 2016 Blogs

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Who We Are

NSL is a multifaceted organization that relies heavily on a network of dedicated individuals. Most of these individuals are volunteers, and their commitment to NSL’s mission supports our work year after year.

  • Alumni: emerging Israeli and Palestinian leaders, ages 18-28. These brave young people come to DC where they live together, work together, and participate in an intensive summer of narrative and leadership courses.
  • Board of Directors: a group of individuals who are incredibly dedicated to NSL’s mission.
  • Work Placements: Our participants are exposed to circles of power in DC through work exposure in offices ranging from NGOs to Congress.
  • Host Families: These dedicated families open their home to our participants, in order to give them an unprecedented chance to live together under the same roof.
  • Instructors: The summer curriculum for the program is delivered by a variety of experts and includes subjects such as mediation, active listening, managing conflict narratives, oratory prep, and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Advisors: As NSL is a multifaceted program, which draws on expertise from a variety of sectors.
  • Supporters: We have a broad range of global support from individuals and organizations.
  • Staff: Our staff members are experts in conflict resolution, the narrative method, and middle eastern affairs.


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