Wall of Stories 2015

“When people get trapped in reaction, whey they cannot control their rage, when they lose it and lash out at the very people they are oppressing, as if they the oppressors are the victims, then the dramatic  but ridiculous spectacle reveals the real impact of  occupation. What is occupied is not land but the space between the ears. What is missing is intelligence, because war makes smart people stupid.  The rights the powerful assume and demand, as enlightened  human beings- to be heard, to be taken seriously, to not be mocked, is not something  they  are willing to grant to the other- because the are “all terrorists” they are all against us, they  all make unwelcome jokes. They realize too late – when everyone else abandons them, that they are the joke, and its not funny.”

Amos Iridikosky “The Stupidity of War-Belfast, Nicosia, and Damascus” (due September 2018)


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