Update on Interviews for NSL 2014

Update on Interviews for NSL 2014

It is amazing and inspiring to begin the process of interviewing all the candidates for NSL 2014 who have made it to Level Two, and to hear about their Projects for Change.

-One wants to take the idea that NatanĀ  and Gal came up with last year, the app that connects Israeli and Palestinians through their mobile phone,

-another wants to set up a Gaza International Education Network that uses the internet to connect young Gazan students with their peers in the USA,

-another wants to return to one of the deserted Arab villages in Israel and create a two week teenage youth festival featuring song and dance and poetry, and celebrating young Palestinian and Israeli artists,

-another wants to set up Read For Peace to get kids in Gaza to love reading, a project inspired by her Grandfather who each week calls her to find out what she is reading.


Stay tuned for some more great ideas from this generation of Change-Makers.

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