Senator Lorraine Higgins

Senator Lorraine Higgins
The Labour Party
Galway, Ireland

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The approach being taken by New Story Leadership in terms of conflict resolution in the Middle East is incisive and clear. By fostering relationships and an understanding between the various factions through this educational programme will go no small way towards a new order and vision in the area.

Biography: Living in Athenry, Lorraine first contested the 2009 Galway County Council elections where she secured over 800 first preferences on her first time election campaign. She was the Labour Party‚Äôs General election candidate in Galway East in 2011 and was subsequently nominated to the Seanad in May 2011. She is an active member of Junior Chamber International Galway and currently holds the role of Membership Officer. She has chaired the Top Outstanding Young Person Committee which succeeded in securing a world winner for the branch. She was also a member of the organising committee for the Mid-Summer Melodies Charity Concert which was held in aid of the children’s charity CDs Helping Hands. Her vision of Galway East is of an area where people have more opportunities, more facilities, more choice, more power over their lives and an area that is safer.

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