Selection Process

NSL offers a comprehensive recruitment and selection process. Application forms and program information will be publicly available on the program web site and NSL managers will work closely with local universities and non-governmental organizations to encourage qualified individuals to apply. The ideal candidates are Palestinian and Israeli college age students, ages 18 through 28, who possess strong leadership skills and have a history of activism.

Each candidate will be required to submit:

(1) An Application form and Resume
(2) Proof of their academic record;
(3) Three short personal essays or video on the same topics
(4) Written and oral references
(5) A detailed Project for Change submission

Candidates will be screened initially based on their written, oral, or social media submissions. The candidates who have satisfactorily fulfilled the application requirements of service will be short listed to participate in interviews with NSL directors and alumni before being finally selected as program participants.

Selection of Candidates will be based on the following criteria:

  • Academic merit and achievement
  • Proven track record of service and leadership
  • Practicality of the Project for Change they submit and research
  • Willingness to return to and serve their own home communities
  • Quality of the story they tell of their own particular life experiences
  • Readiness to listen, learn and be changed by other points of view
  • Openness to working with others who are different to themselves
  • Commitment to help grow the program as graduates
  • Ability to participate in a program based on fluency in English
  • freedom to travel to Washington to participate in the program

Composition of the Team:

The primary instrument of transformational learning in the NSL program is the team itself – the ten young people who spend their summer together in Washington. Great care will therefore be taken in composing and balancing that team. Except for the essential requirement that there be an equal number of Palestinians and Israelis, we will select as wide a range of participants as possible, from every socio-economic background, race, gender and religion as is practicable, and from various disciplines of study. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds who would not normally get this opportunity will be especially sought and offered support through a scholarship scheme whenever possible.

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