Rikus Wessels

Rikus Wessels
Work Placement Co-Ordinator
SAWIP Alumnus, 2010
South Africa

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Biography: Born into a traditional Afrikaans farming family in the Free State Province of South Africa, Rikus attended Boarding School at HoĆ«rskool Witteberg in Bethlehem, South Africa. Graduated at Stellenbosch University, South Africa with a BA (International Studies) degree (2009), and an Honours degree in History (2011) he spent a semester at Antwerp University, Belgium, to conduct research on Contemporary History, Identities, self-determination and the Network Society. In 2009, Rikus undertook further education this time at Humboldt University, Berlin were he obtained a German Language and Cultural Certificate. In his working life, he worked for the Maties RAG Committee for more than three years (2007 – 2010), later being vice-chairman of the organization, where he organized events as fundraising initiatives for Community Development. A SAWIP Alum (Class of 2010) through which he did an internship at the World Affairs Council, DC. Rikus spent seven months teaching English in Tsalenjikha, a town in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia; whilst continuing his research on Identities and Social Media; focusing on the self-determination pursuit of the “Volkstaat” Movement in South Africa.

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