Paul Costello

President, Founder and CEO, Paul Costello is an educator, writer and recognized world expert and leader in the area of narrative practice. In addition to his role as founding director of The Center for Narrative Studies, he has also designed a number of training and leadership programs that use the power of stories for transformative change, most notably as the architect behind the innovative narrative design of the 2000-2007, Washington Ireland Program.

He was also the founder of Rosies, Friends on the Street, a street outreach to the homeless that operates in 6 cities in Australia, and more recently, the South African Intern Program in 2006.

In 2008, when he retired from these intern programs, he received recognition from the United States 110th Congress and the Northern Ireland Assembly for his contribution to peace and reconciliation and for developing a powerful narrative way of peace-building. He holds degrees in History, Divinity, Education and an MFA from American University and he has recently published “The Presidential Plot”, a book on how stories shape American political and cultural life.

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