Olebile Gaobepe

Olebile is a graduate of the South Africa Intern Program of 2007 (SAWIP) where he interned with the Center for International Private Enterprises in Washington DC. He is a host son of Joyce and Richard Schwartz who are key supporters of this initiative. He holds a degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa where he gained a Social Science degree majoring in Politics, Public Policy and Administration.

The SAWIP program has really inspired him to work towards change and he is excited to be part of the set-up team for the Middle East program. He knew the power of the SAWIP set-up team in 2006 made it possible for him to participate as part of the pioneer class of 2007, and wants to offer that opportunity to the young people of the Middle East. If WIP alums can create SAWIP, then WIP and SAWIP alums together can create NSL. Olebile is a training manager with Link Community Development training teachers and parents in AIDS/HIV awareness in the townships.

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