NSL Interviews 2014 Update 2

NSL Interviews 2014 Update 2

While the rest of the world is anxious over the possibility of  another failed peace process, there are some enterprising young people on the ground who aren’t waiting for permission. Challenged by NSL to come up with a Project for Change, they are already doing it. Here are two examples, one from an Israeli and one from a Palestinian.

One of the applicants for NSL 2014 wanted to develop a local community project in Jaffa, and she discovered that a lot of Arab woman who stay at home are great cooks, and so she decided to start what is called Jaffo Mama, whereby locals, and students and tourists can avail themselves of a local meal at a decent price, cooked by these amazing moms. She has already started the pilot program and it is working. She hopes to extend it to local Jewish moms too.

Another applicants in Ramallah got a similar idea and realized that some of the Local Palestinian woman are great tailors and seamstresses. And so, she is organizing a group of women to sew garments that she will then photograph and market on line and help create a local cottage economy.

The fact that both projects are led by women and they are about the empowerment of woman, says something about where change is happening on the ground, regardless of what happens at the political level.

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