Noa Shusterman

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Noa Shusterman

Kfar Saba, Israel

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Noa is 25 years-old and currently living in Jerusalem. She was raised in central Israel. Noa is finishing her senior year at Hebrew University, studying for her BA in Politics, Philosophy and economics (PPE). While attending a school of the arts, she was an active member and educator in the Zionist youth movement, “Hashomer Hatzair.” After high school, Noa took a gap year to continue her work in the movement and then enlisted in the IDF as a commander. Later on, as an officer in the Education Force, she helped prepare high school students for their upcoming enlistment. Noa began her academic studies in 2011 while working as a translator in a news broadcasting channel. Since January 2014, she has been working as a communications monitor in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office. During the past two years Noa participated in various international conferences and seminars such as “Breaking Barriers”, “HOPE XXL”, and “Search for Common Ground.”

Noa’s NSL work placement was with the Womens Institute for the Freedom of the Press.

Listen to Noa at the SAIS Conference

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