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In the current political climate in Washington DC, the Middle East is still on the agenda but never have so many novices assumed high offices and made brave claims that they can settle the conflict where others have failed.

One does not fault the intention but the delivery is going to be determined by knowledgable and culturally and politically sensitive mediators. Decisions made that seem to favor one side and shut out theĀ other only show how American Leaders are sheltered from the realities that young Palestinian and Israelis face and their dreams for change. It is not just the White House but the Congress too.

NSL this year is striving to place Fellows at the table where these key conversations are taking place, so that they can remind their American friends, “Don’t talk about us without us.” America can claim some part of the Israel Palestine story but they must recognize the key story keepers. Israel and Palestine have no future together unless that future has a voice at the seat of world power.

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