Naor Bitton

Naor Bitton
Fulbright Scholar
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ashdod, Israel

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Listen to Naor: The 2013 SAIS Conference

Listen to Naor: The 2013 Ritz Carlton

Biography: Naor Bitton is a 27 year-old activist and a community leader living in Ashdod, Israel. He has a BA degree in Political Science and Media from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During his studies, he interned for the chairman of Israel’s Economic Committee- MK Karmel Shama. In 2010, Naor was one of the main southern leaders of the Occupy Movement that forced the issues of justice and equality on to the agenda of the most recent elections. Building on that experience, Naor has recently co-established a local political movement with other leaders in Ashdod and his party will compete in the next Council elections. In September, Naor starts his MA studies in public policy at the University of Minnesota as part of the Fulbright scholarship. Naor is eager to participate on NSL to build up his political skills as the leader of a fledgling party and his Project for Change is what he calls the PI League, where the notable achievements of Israeli and Palestinians can be broadcast and especially their joint success in all fields of human achievement, music, arts, literature, dance, film, and politics

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