Nakba Museum

Nakba Museum/ Bshara Nassar/2011

The Nakba Project’s goal is to establish a museum as a physical space in which the history of the Palestinian people can be told. Everyday people are an important stakeholder for true peace in the Middle East, and yet, many have no part in the negotiations. Many stories are disqualified and silenced. The Nakba Project is an invitation to those who have endured suffering. It is a chance for them to finally tell their story, and have it be heard in a respectful manner. It is imperative that the voiceless victims be allowed to share their accounts of what they have endured, and how, through remarkable resilience, they have clung to their hope for justice and healing. By telling the stories of from those who knew the region before the Nakba, this project will create a space in which the past can be used as the model for a future where Christians, Muslims and Jews live together in peace.



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