Mustafa Sharia

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Mustafa Sharia


Mustafa is a 20-year-old Palestinian from the Dehaishah Refugee Camp just south of Bethleham. He is finishing his first year of studying at Birzeit University as an architecture student. Mustafa has faced many challenges including living through his home being raided and having his father arrested, but he is inspired by his uncle to fight on and make the world a better place. He dreams of graduating with his bachelor’s degree in order to move on to get his master’s and then open his own business. He cares greatly for his family, his community, and his country and plans on making great strives toward helping his people. Mustafa’s goal is to increase exposure between the different peoples of the region. Fo his PFC, he wants to create a connected community in Ashdod, the fifth largest city in Israel, where people come together to learn more about different cultures.

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