Maisam Y. Abumorr

Maisam Y. Abumorr
Gaza Strip Blogger
Islamic University
Gaza, Palestine

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Biography: Maisam Y. Abumorr is 23 and from Gaza, a graduate of English Literature and a current BA Student of Media and Politics at the Islamic University. She is also obtaining a graduate diploma degree in practical translation. She has received special training in civil leadership both in Palestine and Europe and is an independent activist for women’s rights seeking freedom of expression for all women. As a dedicated student and human rights activist, she aspires to establish a deeper understanding of the situation of all Palestinians who suffer occupation. She’s also a blogger and she writes about different aspects of life in Gaza Strip revealing the challenges facing all segments of society in Gaza, especially women. Maisam is coming on NSL to learn how to create a Cross Translation Center that gives Gazan women a chance to be heard in America through their work being translated into English, and similarly, a chance for Gazan women to hear the stories of their American sisters, with key American feminist works being translated into Arabic

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