Khaled Al-Ostath

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Khaled Al Ostath

Khaled Al-Ostath


Khaled is a 22-year-old Palestinian from the heart of Gaza. He is a senior at Gaza University where he studies translation; later, he plans to pursue a PhD in Translation and Interoperation. Meanwhile, Khaled is working on writing a novel, and he is a talented writer in the innovative program “We are not Numbers” that NSL helped to inspire. Through it, Khaled shares the stories of his generation. The program offers writers the guidance of experienced American editors. His Project for Change, “The Reading Stars of Gaza,” is a special English literacy program for orphan children. Three times a week, Khaled and his team engage the young orphans with stories and teach them the basic English alphabet. Khaled’s goal is to end the sense of isolation and hopelessness that pervades the lives of so many children in Gaza and to feed their imaginations for a better future.


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