Karma AbuAyyash

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Karma AbuAyyash

Karma AbuAyyash

Ramallah, Palestine


Karma AbuAyyash is a 22 year-old Palestinian with a BA in Marketing from Birzeit University. During a one year exchange program to the US for high school, Karma honed her skills in raising awareness about life in Palestine to peers, faculty, and the local community. She has also led international students through Palestinian refugee camps and helped them to develop strategies that allowed them to effectively share their experiences when they returned home. In addition to being active within her own community, Karma has also made guest appearances through a variety of media outlets, including BBC, which has allowed her to reach a global audience as she shared her visions for peace and life in Palestine. Karma hopes to advocate for gender equality as she creates programs in which she can help empower women to develop their business ideas.

Karma’s work placement with NSL was with the Womens Institute for Freedom of the Press.

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