Introduction to NSL

New Story Leadership Inc. (NSL) is an American based 501(c)3 charity registered in the State of Maryland (EIN # 27-1076407). Founded in 2009 by Paul Costello with Joyce Schwartz and a group of alums from its sister Irish and South African programs, NSL selects young emerging leaders from Palestine and Israel and trains them into a team ready to help build a better future for their two communities. By giving them an experience of living, working and learning together over a summer in Washington DC, NSL sparks a new story of possibility and challenges the prevailing mood of cynicism and despair. Utilizing an innovative curriculum based on the transformative power of stories, NSL promotes the personal and professional development of each student and teaches them how to become agents of change. Ten students, five from Israel and five from Palestine, come to Washington DC every summer for an intensive program of workshops, conferences, seminars, professional work exposure, cultural immersion and team training. Their learning is focused on acquiring a 21st century skill-set to become social entrepreneurs. In the course of the program, each student develops his or her own Project for Change that they intend to implement when they return home. In this way, NSL gives students a chance to apply what they learn and builds the momentum for change on the ground.

NSL is organized and managed by a constituted Board of Directors that is headed by Mr Paul Costello who has been an international educator for most of his career. Further information relating to the board members, founding participants and advisers can be located in the Who is NSL section of this website.

We encourage you to explore the NSL website to see more of what NSL is about and to see what we have done in the past five years including our new section on the Projects for Change located in the Impact section. We encourage you to visit the Wall of Stories section to hear our amazing students share their personal stories of how they have chosen to reject the endless cycle of mistrust and actively seek an alternative way. Let their stories change you.

New Story Leadership 276 Carroll Street NW Washington, DC 20012 Phone: 240-476-1123