NSL 2011
At NSL, we have twelve lead indicators for you to check off  to see how you might fit as a candidate.  We recruit the most promising young leaders who can prove they are actively committed to imagine, create and build a better future together.

1 – Hope – Do you yearn for a different future and not one that simply replays the past? Are you hopeful about your future and demonstrate resilience in the face of  obstacles? Are you prepared to ACT in ways that can inspire  hope?

2 – Leaders – What makes you a leader? Judging by the kind of people you influence, what kind of leader are you? Do you have unrealized leadership potential? Are you hungry to grow those skills?

3- Activists– Its one thing to dream the big dream about change but how have you acted to make your dream come true?And are you prepared to act anew in developing a creative project for change that responds to a need you most care about?

4 – Diversity – What makes you different? What makes your story stand out? In what special ways can you add to the diversity of our team? And do you have the courage to risk telling the story that is uniquely yours?

5 – Team – Can you prove you work well with other people? Can you deeply listen to others’ points of view, especially those different from yours? Can you work to unite a group around a common purpose?

6 – Professional – Can you work in a demanding Congressional or professional office, upholding the highest standards of conduct? Are you ready to work harder than you have  ever worked before?

7 – Learning – Are you willing to learn from and blend in with your American Host Families? Are you ready to have your views tested,  challenged, expanded and changed by your experiences? Are you ready to lay aside your own certainties to embrace other ways of seeing the world?

8 – Inspire – Do you look to the great world leaders like Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr. to fire your imagination about what is possible? Can you name the inspiration that is the source of your own courage? Do you inspire others?

9 – Voices – If the program gave you five minutes of prime time to address Members of Congress, do you have something urgent and important you want to say? Are you ready to speak for the hopes of your generation? If so, what is your call to action?

10 – Possibility – Do you refuse to let the old story of “Why it can’t be done” rule your imagination? Are you one of the “Can Do” leaders emerging from your generation? Are you an entrepreneur who can act to innovate and generate new possibilities?

11 – Audiences – What larger networks are you part of? in your wider Family, your town or City? your University?  Are you a member of a Club? Political party?  Faith Community?  Will these  networks be an audience to your time on NSL, and be open to your invitations,  inspirations and aspirations expressed in your project for change?

12 – Follow Up – Are you a candidate who displays loyalty, and who will continue building the leadership network among all alumni? Will you continue to recruit new candidates and mentor those who come after you? Will you be the bridge between the fears of today and the hopes of tomorrow?

You have to be ready for the challenge of a lifetime. If you feel NSL is the program for you, proceed to page three.

Page Three – The Program

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