Inquire Now for 2018


To be eligible you must be:

  •  A full-time University/College student studying at a University or third level college based in Israel or the Palestinian Territories or a student from these regions even if studying in the UK/USA and intending to return.

  • Alternatively you can be a recent graduate if you have completed your studies in the past three years.

  • In good standing with your University/College and achieving better than passing grades in your chosen field of studies.

  • Aged between 18-30 years as of June 1, 2017.

  • Born in the Palestinian Territories or Israel, or call this region your permanent home, even if you weren’t originally born there or even currently studying there.

  • Free to fully commit to an uninterrupted seven weeks in Washington, D.C. beginning Friday June 9th and ending Monday July 31st , 2017 and inclusive of both days.

  • In possession of a valid passport or travel document that is current.

  • In possession of  a valid visa or can apply and obtain a proper USA B-1 visa to travel by the beginning of June 2017.

  • In possession of the financial resources to pay their own visa and travel expenses to get to and from Washington, D.C.

  • Able to pay for extra living expenses in Washington over and above the weekly $100 stipend provided by the program.

  • If candidates cannot pay the travel costs up front, they must be prepared to fundraise, find appropriate sponsors, or apply for an NSL scholarship.

  • Willing to demonstrate active leadership through service by planning and implementing a pilot-demonstration of their Project for Change between February 2017 and June 2017.

  • Participate in regional Orientation and Training before (April-May), followed by Re-Entry (August) and Graduation (October) after the summer.

  • Fit and healthy enough to travel and actively participate in a vigorous and intense program.

If you are eligible, we invite you to proceed to the next stage where you can learn more about the program, about the NSL philosophy and the procedure on how to download the application form. Please click the relevant link below:

Page 2 – Suitability

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