Gladiators Boxing Club

Gladiators Boxing Club/ Nader Jayousi/2013

Nader Jayousi is a Palestinian lawyer and an alumnus of NSL 2013 and Shades 2013. Nader is also a professional boxer and trainer and during his summer on the program, Nader partnered with other team members to create a leadership and fitness project for young people in Ramallah as his Project for Change. This involved raising funds to equip the first professional boxing gym in Palestine and to offer young people training in physical fitness, discipline, self-esteem and the art of self-defense. Since the program finished, Nader has returned to Ramallah and has started the Gladiators Boxing Club. Every week, 20-30 young people (some as young as 6) who are talented junior athletes meet for two hours of intense training led by Nader and his team. NSL is working with Nader to make his project sustainable.



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