Maria Dangell

Singer Songwriter
Tallin, Estonia

Maria Dangell was born into a Jewish family in Tallinn, Estonia. She started to learn classical piano at the State Musical School in Tallinn at the age of seven, and eventually studied it at the Conservatoire. Her career of pianist, singer and songwriter began in early school years. She performed live on stage and in recording studios as soloist and producer of her own musical creations. She also participated in duet collaborations with Bobby Kimball (Toto) “The Heaven of Milano” and with Amedeo Minghi “La Vita Mia”, broadcasted by RAI Uno on 28 March 2009 and on 1 September 2011. Maria has been asked to collaborate on the “Hearts of Peace in the Middle East” project, whose goal is to open people’s hearts and contribute to establishing peace in the Middle East. She sings the song “Jerusalem” (“Gerusalemme”) written by Amedeo Minghi on Vatican’s appeal.

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