Elliot Jeffords

Elliot Jeffords
Director of Communications
Colorado, United States

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Biography: Director of Communications, Elliot Jeffords first started working with New Story Leadership as an intern during the program’s infant stages. Then during the summer of 2009 he was hired as the New Story Leadership Program Manager and served in that role until 2011 before stepping up to direct NSL’S media strategy. He plays an integral role planning events and maintaining and developing relationships with prospective benefactors and supporters for the program.

Elliot also offers the program the unique perspective of being an American young professional. This characteristic together with his formative years working with NSL, saw him appointed to the NSL Board. Elliot is originally from Boulder, Colorado and is currently majoring in Communication Studies at American University in Washington D.C.

New Story Leadership 276 Carroll Street NW Washington, DC 20012 Phone: 240-476-1123