Dr. Robert Anastasi

Development Committee Chairman, Dr. Robert Anastasi has more than three decades of supervisory and management experience as an elementary school principal, program administrator and teacher. He has experience in leading both the Maryland and Montgomery County, Maryland Business Round Tables for Education, and has served as President of the Maryland Association of Elementary School Administrators. He has written a book for school administrators and made presentations at national conventions. While serving as Principal of Takoma Park Elementary School in Takoma Park, Maryland, Dr. Anastasi successfully implemented a U.S. Department of Education grant (Project Developmental Continuity) connecting Head Start and elementary education. He has also been a long time supporter of international education and brings to the Board a deep understanding of the local non-profit sector in this part of Maryland, where NSL is incorporated. He is taking the lead on a strong three year development plan for NSL, as it matures into a fully resourced program.

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