Chen Attar

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Chen Attar


Chen is a 26-year-old Israeli from Tel Aviv who is in his second year of his studies in Ireland. He is studying both Law as well as Politics at Queens University Belfast. His young life was shaped growing up during the years of the Intifada, but during his three year service in the IDF and his interaction with Palestinians, he decided he wanted to get to know them even better. While in university, Chen was elected as the student representative by his peers as well as the academic board. He was also a member of the Democratic Unionist Party’s “friends with Israel” branch in Northern Ireland. After interacting with Palestinians for the first time and realizing he didn’t truly know them, he wants to give both sides a chance to reach that understanding. To fight this division and the biases that come along with it, Chen plans on creating an interactive blog between Israeli and Palestinian students to help bridge the gap for his PFC.

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