Carolyn Lane

Carolyn F. Lane
Founder Photo Diplomacy Project
Jacksonville, United States

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Biography: For over 25 years Carolyn Lane has drawn upon methods learn via her doctoral work to solve problems; having been an Adjunct Professor at University of North Florida. She approaches challenges by rapidly assessing and anticipating needs, by researching background information, identifying resources, establishing collaborations, obtaining required competencies and always asking discerning questions and actively listening. In her professional career, Carolyn Lane has been an Executive Director at the Discovery Montessori School, Assistant Director of Foundation Scholarships at University of North Florida and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Beaches Habitat for Humanity. She is currently the founder and executive director of The Photo Diplomacy Project – a unique global nonprofit project that seeks to connect cultures through the power of photography. The ambitious goal is to put a photo in the hands of all kids in need, often for the first time. Travelers/Volunteers take along “Foto” the unifying pup prop and a portable printer to promote citizen-to-citizen interactions as a photo diplomats.

To Learn More about The Photo Diplomacy Project and the Dog Meets World Project – please click the following link:
Dog Meets World / Photo Diplomacy

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