Lyse Doucet, OBE

Peabody and Bloom Award Winning BBC Journalist
New Brunswick, Canada

Lyse Doucet left the east coast of Canada in the early 1980′s and has reported for the BBC ever since. She initially spent four years in West Africa covering military coups, the recurrent drought in the Sahel, and African efforts to achieve development and their own answers to democracy. In 1988-89, at the beginning of the end of the Cold War, she covered the last march of the Soviet Red Army out of Afghanistan, and stayed to cover, from both sides, the protracted conflict between the government in Kabul and mujahadeen fighters based in Pakistan and Iran. From the end of 1989 to the last day of 1992, she was based in Islamabad, travelling across Pakistan, and into Afghanistan, and Iran. In 1993, she returned to London as a reporter for World Service Television, but made regular trips to Iran as part of the BBC’s efforts to open an office in Teheran. By the middle of 1994, she was off to Jordan to open an office there, spent a great deal of time in the desert following the Jordanian-Israeli negotiations which ended in a peace treaty and then moved to Jerusalem where she is now based, still reporting on efforts to clinch an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, and trying to find time to explore the many other facets of the two societies.

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