Bshara Nassar

Bshara Nassar
Faith Outreach Manager
NSL Alumnus, 2011

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Biography: Bshara is a Palestinian who is a graduate from Bethlehem University where he completed a degree in Business and Computer Technology. Bshara comes from a branch of a well-known farming family in Bethlehem. From a Lutheran Christian background, he has served as an ambassador at Bethlehem University and is well used to briefing visitors and taking international pilgrims to the sacred sites of Bethlehem and in alternative tours to witness the situation in the area. When he was twelve, the second intifada broke out and his town came under severe attack and he recalls the terror he felt as a kid not fully understanding why it was happening. In 1991, the spread of Jewish settlements threatened to swallow up his family’s farm land, and that was the origins of a peace community known as the Tent of Nations that Bshara is very actively engaged in promoting and building. His family, to resist losing their land not only took the case to the highest courts in Israel, they also invited the international community and fellow Palestinians and Israelis (since it is zoned C) to join them in a community where the message is, “We will not give up hope,” and “We refuse to be enemies.” Bshara is the passionate advocate of this non-violent peace movement that seeks to both protect basic rights to the land that the Nassar family have held title deeds to going back to 1916, and at the same time, to refuse to allow the injustice to provoke more conflict. One reason Bshara applied to NSL in 2011 was to get more young people aware and involved in this city of peace in the town where Christians celebrate the birth of the “Prince of Peace.” Over the summer of 2011, Bshara teamed with Israeli classmate, Tomer Mazie at the Alliance for Middle East Peace.

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