Ashraf Awawda

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Ashraf Awawda


Ashraf Awawda is a 26-year-old Palestinian from Hebron who is currently attending Arava Institute for a Pre-Masters program in Environmental Economics. He received his bachelor’s degree in Economic Science from Al-Quds University. After graduating, he volunteered to help encourage high school students to apply to college and continue their academic career. His dedication to his community did not end there. He would then go on to advise the local government on how to encourage startups and support small businesses after he returned from the Small Medium Enterprise seminar in China. He continued by working with ADWAR Roles for Social Change Association to empower divorced women in Palestinian society. There they worked with the women to support them while teaching and providing the women with tools for financial and social independence. He has also worked with Action Aid Organization and Yala Young Leaders where he worked to support youth in their academic studies. For his Project For Change, Ashraf is planning on developing a website that is designed to help Palestinians find temporary work  in order to fight the high unemployment rate in the region.

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