Aseel Saied

Aseel Saied
Hope Fund Scholar
Bridgewater College
Ramallah, Palestine

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Listen to Aseel: The 2013 SAIS Conference

Listen to Aseel: The 2013 Ritz Carlton

Biography: Aseel Saied is a 20 year old Palestinian female from the city of Ramallah and a recipient of the Hope Fund Scholarship at Bridgewater College, Virginia, where she is in her 3rd year of BA in Business administration and Nutrition and Wellness. Aseel dates her passion for politics from a young age when both her parents worked with the PLO. She believes that the younger generation is the key for any development within the two communities, and that peace and acceptance is more than signing a piece of paper. She has participated in peace programs such as the YES program sponsored by the American Department of State, worked with the Palestinian Center against Discrimination, Amideast, UNICEF and Al Biereh, a youth foundation. She is a passionate advocate for her country, and believes that living in the past never was and never will be the solution. It’s about the future. She is participating in NSL to implement her own sports and peace program that will upgrade the level of coaching that girls in Palestine playing soccer receive. Aseel has a personal connection to this quest since her sister is on the Palestine national team.

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