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Aseel Reflects as NSL13 Concludes

Ten days to go, it is a little surreal, I remember when my roommate dropped me off at my host family’s home on┬áJune 14th. I looked around the neighborhood for a while before I rang the door bell. Have you ever had that feeling on anxiety? Not knowing what to expect or what will come next?

Today, six weeks into the program with the last week approaching the feeling of anxiety is still here. The anxiety of what will come next? What did this program do to me? More importantly, will I continue this journey of learning?
New Story Leadership gave me an insight into “the other’s” life, and gave me a chance to share my insights with them. Stories upon stories, arguments, disagreements and a lot more things happened, whether we want to take the bad or leave it, this experience is one of a kind.
I didnt realize how much I will miss my work place until the last day there. American for Peace Now has been a great addition to my experience in Washington DC. I was skeptical on working as a Palestinian intern in a pro-Israeli organization, but after a couple of days the shared vision brought me to the realization that if the main goal is shared we can do this.
Also their joint internship program with American Task Force on Palestine proves the idea that there is never a wrong peace partner. If both sides believe in democracy, freedom equality, dignity and a shared future we are already half way there,
I will miss the metro, BJ (my host family’s dog), the business casual feel of DC, my friends, and lastly I will miss NSL.
it has been a summer to remember!
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