Andrew Rabens

Andrew Rabens
US State Department
Berkeley, California

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Biography: Special Advisor for Youth Engagement in the US State Department, Andrew Rabens is fast becoming a recognised figure in Washington DC. Beginning as an intern at the United Nations, Andrew moved onto further internships with Senators Ted Kennedy and Diane Feinstein, as well as the British MP and current Labour Leader, Ed Miliband before joining the State Department in 2008. At present his role has a focus on foreign youth engagement with programs, policies, initiatives, and coordinating efforts to enhance the U.S. Government’s ability to connect to and build relationships with young leaders in the Middle East and North Africa. Andrew is a graduate from both Harvard and the London School of Economics.

Andrew Rabens introduced the 2012 NSL SAIS Conference held at the John Hopkins University. To see his speech and the Conference, please click the link. The SAIS Conference

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