Ahmed Hmeedat


Ahmed Hmeedat

Bethlehem, Palestine


Ahmed Hmeedat is a refugee who was born in Dehieshah Refugee Camp.  This camp is located in the south of Bethlehem. The camp is very important to Ahmed because it plays an important role in shaping his character. After Tawjihi (High School), he decided to study human rights at Al-Quds/Bard College (AQB) because he believed that the Palestinian reality needs human rights actors who can make changes on the ground. He has volunteered in some local NGOs in order to interact with people and to enhance the role of volunteerism in the region. While volunteering, he participated in several social workshops on different topics such as women’s empowerment, citizenship dilemmas, political debates, and art activities in Palestine. During this period, he found that he had a passion for painting and drawing. Nowadays, he has his own art studio and paints regularly.

Ahmed’s NSL work placement was with the International Child Art Foundation.

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